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Precision Medicine and Pediatric Epilepsy


Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Neurology, Health Sciences University, Faculty of Medicine, İzmir, Turkey


Department of Pediatry, Special Hospital of İzmir Ege City, İzmir, Turkey

Archives of Epilepsy 2022; 28: 48-52
DOI: 10.54614/ArchEpilepsy.2022.05657
Read: 291 Downloads: 123 Published: 15 April 2022

Recently, it is time to shift from a reactive attitude that treats patients after the onset of seizures to a proactive one integrated into a broader “P4 medicine” approach in the treatment of epilepsy. Personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory, this P4 approach puts patients at the center of their care and ultimately aims to prevent the onset of epilepsy. This goal will be achieved by tailoring epilepsy treatments not only to a particular syndrome but also to a particular patient and moving from the usual anti-seizure treatments to individualized treatments designed to target specific etiologies. In this review, we present the current state of this ongoing revolution, highlighting the emergence of the concepts of precision medicine and individualized medicine and its impact on clinical practice in pediatric epilepsies.

Cite this article as: Ünalp A, Adalıoğlu E. Precision medicine and pediatric epilepsy. Arch Epilepsy. 2022;28(2):48-52.

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