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Could Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccine Be a New Terminology in Epileptic Seizure Etiology?


Department of Clinic of Neurology, Karaman Training and Research Hospital, Karaman, Turkey


Department of Clinic of Emergency Medicine, Karaman Training and Research Hospital, Karaman, Turkey

Archives of Epilepsy 2022; 28: 43-45
DOI: 10.54614/ArchEpilepsy.2022.37232
Read: 68 Downloads: 40 Published: 29 March 2022

An epileptic seizure is the clinical reflection of abnormal paroxysmal activities of neurons. Its frequency varies according to age. While the incidence of acute symptomatic seizures is 30-39/100 000, it is seen most frequently before the age of 20 and after the age of 60 with the second frequency. Causes such as metabolic disorders, head trauma, and cerebrovascular disease may cause an acute symptomatic seizure. In inactivated coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines, side effects may develop due to inflammation of body cells against given foreign substances. In order to raise awareness, we presented our advanced age case who presented with epileptic seizure after the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine. A 72-year-old female patient was brought to the emergency room because of convulsions and wheezing after fainting. It was learned that she had urinary incontinence and foaming at the mouth during contraction. She had a history of diabetes and hypertension. She had no previous history of epileptic seizures. It was learned she had a third dose of coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine 3 days ago. There was no feature in her family history. Her vitals, physical, and neurological examinations were normal. Blood tests, cardiac examinations, neuroimaging, and cerebrospinal fluid analysis were normal. Once an epileptic seizure was observed in the follow-up, antiepileptic therapy was started. The patient whose seizure did not recur was discharged.

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