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Case Report of an Epileptic Nystagmus: Clinical Characteristics


Department of Neurology, Yeditepe University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, İstanbul, Turkey

Archives of Epilepsy 2022; 28: 46-47
DOI: 10.54614/ArchEpilepsy.2022.70883
Read: 130 Downloads: 88 Published: 29 March 2022

Epileptic nystagmus is defined as a rapid repetitive jerky movement of one or both eyes associated with rhythmic eye oscillations that occur only during epileptic seizures. It is a rare epilepsy form, more frequently seen in the pediatric age group, and mostly associated with other oculomotor symptoms. We present an unusual case of epileptic nystagmus in a young male patient who showed a prominent response to low-dose antiepileptic drugs.

Cite this article as: Şilek H, Akduman RÇ. Case report of an epileptic nystagmus: clinical characteristics. Arch Epilepsy. 2022;28(1):46-47.

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